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Okel connects you with
new besties at work.

we infuse formal
professional spaces

with sweet serendipity
 conversations and 
meaningful meals.

One third of your life is spent at work.


We help you make it delightful and enriching with strong relationships within the workplace.


We believe work should feel like a second family, so we’re on a mission of turning teams into families (without all the drama, ofc ;)).

The Okel Flavor:

Strong cultures have shown to result in 4x increase in revenue growth.

- Forbes

And each year, compromised culture promotes stress, which results in 550 million lost workdays.

This further leads to 60% more errors,

18% less productivity,

16% less profitability, and a

65% lower share price

over time.

- Harvard Business Review

Our Seasonings

We believe in a much more exciting reality. Hence:

vitamin co

👉 We turn organizations


  • Unifying members of communities through containers of meaningful social engagement experiences that are unique to each community partner.

  • For organizations of 100+ members looking to sustainably nurture their COMMUNITIES.


👉 We transform audiences into FANDOMS

  • We create FUN, MEMORABLE, and VIBRANT custom-designed events and experiences to bring heart-felt engaging memories.

  • For communities looking to establish a highlight moment/social memory for their team, community, or AUDIENCE.

because teams who bond together, grow together

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