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The Community for Community Builders

you're out there taking care of everybody else. Okel will take care of you here.

join us in a revolution of those infusing the world with the magic of connection, belonging, and okay a dose of wonder ;)

What is

a collective of community builders to take a sigh of breath with one another, exchange insights and opportunities for cross-collaboration to magnify their impact upon the communities they build together.

apply here

What does being part of BuildUnity entail?

  • monthly URL discussions

  • IRL Okel dinners

  • a network of the brightest and most heart-centered community builders

application process

  1. submit application

  2. schedule interview

  3. hear back decision from Okel


What is the cost to join?

BuildUNITY costs $22.2 per month or $88.8/year for your first year.

Can I invite a friend to join?

Of course. We thank you with $22.2 off your yearly membership for every friend who successfully applies and joins our community.

Can  I cancel anytime?

We allow cancellations within 14 days of the next monthly cycle of your individual membership.

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